York Unleashed August 2017

Another month, another Comic Con.
Here’s my nerdy outfit of the day; featuring Sailor Moon tights, Kaneki Tokyo Ghoul tee and a ‘Cakes With Faces’ jacket ’cause I’m such a control freak 😉

The grand entrance, which did include Transformers, Darlics and Stormtroopers. I regularly get asked what you do at Comic Con events, each one is different, but allow me to show you…

Spent two minutes as Jabba’s bitch.

Hung out with my beautiful man beast ❤

Browsed endless boxes of nerd merch. Why didn’t I buy the Sally figurine?!

I did buy ‘cute’ Ghost Face. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HIS GHOULISH FACE IS.

Admired the pixel art.

… and all of the other awesome things you won’t find anywhere else. I mean, if you scoured the internet you might, but it’s more fun this way.

Met little BB8. Proof that droids are cute AF.

Completed a session of knife throwing training. Absolutely my new hobby. (Seriously, I’m buying knives and targets of my enemies, like now).

Don’t mess with me! Those feint lines in his face are stab marks.

Vegan pizza & Pink Gin to finish off the day… 🙂


Book Update

I’m working on a story which incorporates mental health, trauma, suicide, feminism, the slow destruction of Earth, and gradual rebuilding of society after a near apocalypse.

It’s probably not news that reality is we have war, abuse of animals, eradication of forests, poverty, pollution, climate change and an increased population but imagine if it got to the point where we’d destroyed too much of our world.

Earth, lifeless and drab, what if someone… or something, decided to take action to fix what we have left?

I’m up to chapter 13 and I’m training myself to write little and often. I’m incorporating ideas from my life and getting into the ambiance of my version of our broken world. My aim is to have it finished by Summer/Autumn 2018. Woo!

MCM Manchester Comic Con July 2017

Cool cosplays, crowds of geeks and mass shopping. If you’re enthusiastic about anything pop culture, it can be super exciting. I mean, we had real life voice of Ichigo KurosakiIchigoKurosaki4.png and a replica Iron Throne Dany-on-throne which looked as good as the real thing. Storm Troopers, Meeseeks, Pokemon, everything that is freakin’ awesome in one goddamn beautiful place!

BB gun training separate, fancied including it here because it was straight after and captured some cool shots featuring my dress ❤ I wish I was a badass girl with a real gun, taking down villians… ahhh, one can daydream.

Purchased from Comic Con is featured below;

Japanese Drink with Pokemon on, Death Note mug, Mimikyu shirt, ‘Banned’ handbag, Sailor Moon tights, Zombie necklace, Sailor Moon badges, mini No Face from Spirited Away with chain, Eeevee choker, skeleton hand clip… cat purchased separately.


I got a lot of compliments on my Bmo dress, you can purchase it here at;


Book tickets to London Comic Con in October where I’ll be headed;



Pictures all mine except mini Ichigo and Iron Throne;



Estella Havisham

“I must be taken as I have been made. The success is not mine, the failure is not mine, but the two together make me.”

– Estella (Charles Dickens, Great Expectations)

I’ve just finished my first book on Audible! I’ve been intrigued by the idea of an audiobook for a while and now that I have a 40 minute walk to work and a 40 minute walk back home, I thought it would be a good way to do two things at once. For the last couple of weeks, I read an old flame, Great Expectations.

I get a high on the way Dickens writes. His words are engaging and his characters feel alive. The voices of audible read aloud stories in such a dreamy way, you just need to be careful of getting lost in the book and walking into traffic! Don’t worry, I keep a part of me alert at all times.

I particularly posted this quote because in the last year, I’ve messed up on things and I’ve conquered a lot more. I have an unfinished novel sat in my MacBook and the next two days free. Let’s work on this baby.

MCM London Comic Con May 2017

“My specialty is lacerating flesh. Anyone interested in experiencing my skill first hand, step right up.” — Mikasa Ackerman, Attack On Titan

I didn’t spent a crazy amount of time and money on this, but still, getting into the role of a fictional character you admire feels so powerful. The transformation from regular day jeans and a t-shirt to a recreated version of a soldier that kills titans (or whatever else takes your fancy) takes you into your own fantasy world.


IMG_0809 IMG_0810

Merchandise galore!

If only I could have left with an overloaded bag of manga books.

IMG_0812 IMG_0813

James’ first nerdy convention, he makes excellent company 🙂


Swords make a great homeware item.


Where else would you see light sabers, wookies and… chibi fruit?

IMG_0816 IMG_0817 IMG_0818



I could do with a large house to put all of this merch in.

IMG_0820 IMG_0821 IMG_0822

So much excitement at Comic Con. The only bitch face on that day was on purpose so I could be more like Mikasa Ackerman.

IMG_0823 IMG_0828

Photos of The Weird & Wonderful Amsterdam

When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch do.


Celebrate King’s Day!

img_0569 King's Day

Admire the beautiful scenery!

img_0573 IMG_0672IMG_0692 red light church night

Drink all day and check out alternative cafes!

IMG_0634  18195153_10156039186558496_5180344930543206840_n harley armour

Break the soap dispenser in Hard Rock Cafe… Ohh James (yes, I went in the men’s).


Make friends! *meow*


Visit unusual exhibitions!

IMG_0583 Betty heart happy skeleton nervous brain

Geek out in comic book stores!

IMG_0693 ghibli manga

Take selfies with a hot man! ❤

IMG_0669  IMG_0682 canal selfie angry train

Struggle with the Metro a little, ha…

Nailed it on the last day!

IMG_0678 IMG_0673

I don’t think I could ever get bored in this extraordinary city.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Review

bpal1 blackphoenixalchemylab.com aka BPAL is a California based alchemy style perfume creator and oh my, they do conjure up some alluring little potions. Me and the boyfriend (actually co written with James Stephenson) treated ourselves to a few and once we received our order, we must have spent at least an hour rubbing the oils all over our bodies, just taking in the smells. BPAL send tester samples (Imp ears) too so you’re in for a real treat when you receive an order.

bpal3 The way I see it, regular perfumes are nice and allIMG_0546 but it usually has that chemically, alcoholic undertone to it. There’s none of that here!

Our personal favourites include, with our own take on what we envisage when we smell each bottle;


  • Hellfire, sweetly spiced vanilla over a dusky tinder pyre.
  • Voodoo, walking into an apothecary owned by Satan himself.
  • Vicomte de Valmont, James Bond fresh out of the shower, putting on some gentleman’s cologne stepping into his Aston Martin.
  • Satyr, a strong nag champa like thick syrup, with the aroma of a new age emporium
  • Djinn, if spicy root ginger and vanilla zest were cooked together in a melting pot the result would be Djinn. Super spiced ginger syrup!
  • Iago, a nautical scent with an essence of mossy forest where a pirate ship has anchored.
  • Cathedral, burning incense in a large open spaced cathedral, lit by a lonely, ethereal monk.
  • Villain, earthy lavender terrain.
  • Fighter, a tenacious warrior wearing steel and leather marching into battle.
  • The Antikythera Mechanism, a steampunk mixed fragrance of musk, wood and chocolate.
  • Old Goblin, strong earthy roots of a grand old oak tree in an enchanted forest.


  • Snake Oil, an alluring woman with an essence of lust that caresses across her naked thigh. Her serpent companion gives a seductive lap dance.
  • Hideous Heart, an interlude in a setting of classic horror, where a witch bakes a cherry pie spiced with cinnamon.
  • Vixen, spring orange blossom blooming below a thundering orange sunset.
  • Love Me, a sexy love potion that Lush would be jealous of.
  • Queen Gertrude, a majestic queen reading Shakespeare in her castle enveloped by violets and apples.
  • Ravenous, a pungent bouquet of the world’s finest smelling flowers.
  • The Sea Foams Milk, an aquatic fragrance of salty sea air from the coast.
  • Follow Me Boy, a hustler and witch who has set spells on men to lure them into sexual frenzy before slaying them.
  • Poisoned Apple, a sour yet sweet conjured apple.
  • Ochosi, a citrus spiced, medicinal toadstool from an enigmatic woodland, handpicked by an alchemist.

That marks the end of our exploration so far into these beautiful little vials. I really we hope we can place another order soon!  blackphoenixalchemylab.com …again, here’s the link which I’m tempted to click back onto again and pick what to order next 🙂

Are You Fearing Your Smear? I’ll Be Your Guide


It was January this year when I received my letter, the one that tells you it’s time for the smear. From 24.5 years of age, us ladies are advised to go to the GP and have a few cervical cells scraped out of us for abnormality checking. Sounds like scary stuff and something you might want to ignore. I assumed I was okay, I had no problems with my lady area but I booked my appointment straight away.

I’m no doctor so if you want real medical details, go on the NHS website. I’m just here to tell you how things feel or if you want to read up on something more personal.

Apologies if this is a little TMI but I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you were expecting I’d give details. During the appointment, I was given privacy as I stripped my lower half (tip: wearing a dress makes you feel a little more covered than just a regular length top). I was asked to lie on my back with my knees up high and feet together, exposing all. That may seem a little embarrassing but they’ve seen this many times! A speculum was inserted inside me which feels a little odd and rather cold but I just tried to think of something else. Thinking about treating myself after as a reward. Cells were then collected while I lay there. It feels like a little scratching in the lower abdomen which isn’t pleasant but it’s not painful. I felt a little weird the rest of the day but I could do everything as normal.

A couple of weeks later, I received a letter. I was told I had an abnormal result. My instant reaction was like “oh shit” and then dropped the letter, continuing my day. Then I cried. Then I rang my boyfriend for support. Then I did the sensible thing and I rang the colposcopy clinic as it had stated I do on the letter.

I was pretty scared. Jumping to conclusions like assuming I must have Cancer and I’m going to die young. I really shouldn’t have freaked out so much! These smears give 2 results only; normal and abnormal. Abnormal could mean anything.

I went to the colposcopy clinic at the hospital, shaking a lot. What they did was more painful than a smear, I’ll warn you. Don’t worry! Just maybe stock up on painkillers and cake if you need one of these appointments. My legs were placed in stirrups while I wore a very flattering hospital gown. They inserted a camera inside of me and did a very thorough inspection. They snipped bits away and it took slightly longer than the smear.

“If you look to your right, you’ll see the inside of your cervix on the screen.”

“No thanks!” I squealed.

Walking out of the appointment was a struggle, I basically fell into my boyfriend’s car, ha. I rested and ate delicious things later that day and by the following morning, I felt recovered.

A couple of days ago, I received news that I was clear. Halle freakin’ lujah. The thing is, cervical issues are so common that it’s important we get ourselves checked out on request. Imagine if my minor abnormality had developed into something serious. All it takes is a quick trip the GP and at least you can be at ease that everything is healthy.

The Battle Of Netflix Original Animes

Netflix have created some excellent series, I’m a huge Orange Is The New Black and Stranger Things fan. Following my love for anime & manga, the last two I’ve watched are Kuromukuro and The Seven Deadly Sins. They were the only two that massively stood out to me when browsing their original anime section. There’s a couple of others I intend to see at some point; Knights of Sidonia, Ajin: Demi Human and Magi (let me know in the comments if they’re worth watching, please!). Anyhow, let me tell you about these two incredible anime series.

The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy style anime about a princess who seeks The Seven Deadly Sins for help against the Holy Knights after trouble at home starts. Elizabeth, the princess, is a sweet damsel in distress type character but she does some pretty cool things later on. I’ll keep that part a secret 😉

Meliodas, the main character, The Dragon Sin of Wrath has a soft spot for the princess and occasionally he acts a little “touchy feely” around her, which in my opinion, is a little perverted at times. There’s a lot of obvious sexual tension and is definitely not suitable for kids. Does anyone else find it annoying when people that don’t understand anime say that you’re watching kids’ cartoons? Urgh.

There’s more than boob groping and crotch staring in this series though! I absolutely love Hawk. He’s an adorable talking pig who eats their scraps and I want him in my life for real.


The whole clan that takes on the villains are fantastic and each have lovable, unique personalities and fighting styles.

I really enjoyed The Seven Deadly Sins, I almost shed a tear at the season one finale! It is kind of like Fullmetal Alchemist. Not quite as impressive as Fullmetal Alchemist I’ll admit but there’s some crossovers in the overall theme.



Kuromukuro starts off with a typical Japanese schoolgirl setting. I wasn’t immediately drawn to this as it felt generic but man, I was wrong! It quickly gets you hooked once the action starts. Trust me, there’s a lot of action.

The theme is more futuristic and goes through the life of a young girl Yukina who’s failing a lot of her school subjects (I found that pretty relatable). Then suddenly, her life is completely changed when she is mistaken for someone else! It’s difficult to describe this anime as I’ve never seen anything like it.

There’s robots and clones and a war and once you start to like it, you just can’t stop watching. Earth is invaded by the extraterrestrial force called the Efy Dolgh and the fate of the world is left to school students and a man who has been brought back from the past who doesn’t like wearing underwear.

There’s also a lot clips of them eating dumplings.


I was going to pick a favourite after typing this up but I just can’t make up my mind…

Screenshots taken from Netflix. Thank you Netflix for filling my life with entertainment.