How To Think Optimistically

Recently, I had a pretty stressful couple of weeks, which is what has inspired me to write this as my first blog post! We all have those days when we feel miserable over something which will probably be insignificant in the near future. Generally speaking, humans overthink everything which seems to cause more problems than the actual problem. I consider myself an optimist, so I try to convince myself that everything will work out because it usually does. As Jake the dog from Adventure Time says “You’ve got to focus on what’s real man, you’re getting yourself all hung up on imaginary problems”. I couldn’t resist adding that quote! Anyway, without further ado, here are ten of my strategies that keep me thinking optimistically when something gets me down.

1. Talk to yourself: This sounds slightly insane but it’s the first thing I do when I get worried or upset about something. It’s an easier alternative to talking to a friend about your problems. Talk yourself through the situation out loud in your bedroom and question whether it is genuinely something worth worrying about. If you think it is, talk yourself through what you’re going to do about it.

2. Cry: This is pretty self-explanatory. Sometimes just shutting yourself away from the world and having a cry is the best solution. Sounds kind of depressing but you’ll feel better after.

3. Sleep: Another obvious point, but very important. Making time for enough sleep in a busy lifestyle totally improves your outlook. Alternatively, a lazy pyjama day once in a while works just as well!

4. Make social plans: Preferably with alcohol if you’re feeling down. Sometimes, you just need something fun to keep your mind of general life crap. You could even book a trip away if you can afford it so you’ve got something to look forward to where you can escape from reality.

5. Buy something new: It’s totally fine to be materialistic when you’re sad. Go out and treat yourself every now and then.

6. Watch comedy: Because sometimes you just need something to laugh at. Have I mentioned Adventure Time yet?

7. Spend time with animals: Do you have a dog? Go on a long walk. Do you have a cat? Buy some catnip and be prepared for the madness. Plus, most animals are so cute. How could you be sad when you’re around animals?

8. Play a video game: Put yourself in the protagonist’s shoes and be a total badass. This is quite easy with games over films or books as you’re actually controlling what they do.

9. Run: Plug in ear phones, play some heavy rock music and run for as long as you can, you’ll feel awesome after!

10. Accomplish a goal: Is there something you keep saying you want to do but never actually seem to get round to doing? Do it, it could even be something as simple as a series on Netflix you’ve been meaning to watch for ages. Mine has been to start blogging.

Thank you for reading! Sorry if it was a bit cheesy. I hope something here will cheer someone up.

Jaz x

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