My 22nd Birthday Weekend – 28th to 29th June

I turned 22 on Sunday and I had such an awesome weekend, I wanted to share it. I like reading and watching other people do this, so here is my own.

Saturday was a nice, relaxing morning, followed by lunch at Yo! Sushi. I only recently got into sushi. Being a vegetarian, I never really thought it was something I could eat but there’s actually lots of delicious veggie things. Below is the first thing I grabbed off the conveyor belt, avocado maki. This has become one of my favorite foods!


I had a bit of a shopping splurge after lunch, totally acceptable on birthdays! Got lots of new luxury beauty products from Lush and Soap & Glory, I’ve tried everything out and I love it all.

A 20-something birthday wouldn’t be complete without a bit of drinking with friends. On Saturday night, I wore my Boohoo peter pan collar bodycon dress with my trusty New Look biker jacket I’ve had for over 3 years that has been with me for many days and nights out. Tipsy selfie below with my homie, Felicity.


Of course I started my actual birthday slightly hungover, bleh. So several glasses of water and a hot shower later, me & Jake took my cockapoos (cocker spaniel crossed miniature poodle) Ringo & Rolo out for a long walk. It was such a nice day, I had to get pictures.


Plus, I wanted to introduce them to my blog, they mean the world to me.


I can guarantee you’ll see more of them on here. I’ll introduce my other 6 lovely pets in another blog. Who knows, maybe I could make a whole blog post just on my animals *notes down idea*.

In the evening, I went out with my family and Jake to our local Indian restaurant. Man, Indian food is the best. I won’t bore you with a description of what I ordered, I’ll just say, it was fantastic and I highly recommend it. So much choice for vegetarians too.

Last thing I want to add, my sister baked me a birthday cake. Look at its’ beauty.


I did get lots of awesome presents from everyone too, I feel so lucky and I really appreciate everything.

Jaz x

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