The Perks Of Needing Glasses

20140725-235933-86373267.jpg I’m a glasses wearer, have been since I was 14. I’ve been through phases of wearing contact lenses but then I always end up going back to my glasses. No matter how much I complain about getting smudges and them slipping off my nose and how geeky they make me look… I always go back.

Here are a list of perks I’ve noticed over the years of glasses wearing:

1. Barrier between the world and your face – gives confidence and can make you feel less exposed… If that makes sense.

2. Personality – glasses give character and instant quirky-ness.

3. Pretend intelligence – trick people into thinking you’re intelligent, when actually, you just have bad eyesight.

4. Eye shields – accidentally poke yourself in the eye? Not when you wear glasses!

5. Social topic – swapping glasses with other glasses wearers and comparing eyesight quality. You can be all like “dem feels” and have a relatable conversation.

Yeah, so those are the reasons I stick to glasses over contacts on a daily basis. Plenty of cons I could mention about needing glasses but who needs negativity?

Jaz x

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