Random Bits Haul

Ooops, I may have been bad and spent more time shopping than blogging. But hey, now I can show you some of the random, cool bits I’ve bought.

Ok, so this first thing is kind of a cheat, I’ve had it a few weeks but I’ve only recently found a use for it. I bought this heart shaped basket from Homesense because I just thought it was adorable. Then, I realised it actually fits my nail varnishes in perfectly! It’s so cute ^_^


Now, I have a weakness for Paperchase. I go in and buy the most miscellaneous crap, but I think my latest purchases are quite useful. It’s a notepad and an address book. I do keep this kind of information in my phone under contacts or notes, but what if it my phone broke or I lost it?! At least now, I can have hard copies like the good ol’ days. Plus, the designs are really cute.


Another thing I’ve recently purchased was this new phone case. It’s basically the YouTuber Velvetgh0st’s (or Gabriella) YouTube banner in a case, bleh, that would be difficult to say if I was saying this aloud. She’s been selling them temporarily, I love her and felt I was in need of a change. I love the quirky design and I especially loved that Gabriella favourited my tweet of it!


On the same day of my new phone case arriving, I received my order from http://www.lilactoadstool.co.uk, so this was an exciting day! It’s a jewellery and accessories site ran by my good friend Jess, everything is so awesome and I want it all. Not much to say other than each item is stunning and I will wear them all so much. So if you like that kind of thing, check it out.


Lastly, I made an order on http://www.redbubble.com, I’m only going to show 1 of the 4 items because i’m using the other things in a ‘lookbook’ kind of blog. If you like quite geeky merchandise, then I definitely recommend having a look. The shipping was about 2 weeks which is a little longer than I wanted but that just made it more exciting when I got the order! Here is my Marceline ‘Daddy why did you eat my fries?’ t-shirt. I love Marceline so I needed this top in my life. Please ignore the poor quality and my unpacked boxes from moving house… it’s been 6 weeks and they’re still there.


Hope you enjoyed, I will make sure there isn’t such a gap between each blog post now. First I was ill, then I went away visiting relatives and… y’know, life gets busy sometimes. I have been filming myself talking and then watching it back a few times to get used to looking at myself on camera and hearing my voice. I think I’m getting there, maybe ready to do some vlogging in the near future.

Jaz x

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