The Sims 4 Demo – Quick Thoughts

So I’ve been having a play around with The Sims 4 demo and I am so excited for the full game to be released next week.

First things first, the most talked about change is the drag method of morphing faces and body shapes as this is a new concept for The Sims. It is so much more creative than The Sims 3 sliders. I did find it quite difficult to get the shape I want but there is the preset option. If you do want to create unique looks though, it is very doable if you have the time and patience.

There are some gorgeous hairstyle options too. I usually find Sims base games have some ugly hair dos and you have to build up your expansion collection to get good options. Some of the styles are really long and unique and look quite realistic so I have nothing bad to say on that note.

I’m not that impressed with the current clothing selection, although I think there will be more when the full game comes out. Nothing in the demo really excited me as it is rather boring with limited choice, but the maths pi shirt was quite funny (I had to Snapchat that to my maths obsessed friend). I do like the layout of the options though, it looks so much smoother and attractive than The Sims 3.

The personality section is brilliant, I’m so happy they created a geek trait that isn’t the same as genius. I initially thought only having 3 traits would be annoying but some of the previous traits seem to have been compressed together, meaning there are less traits so it all works well. I would like there to be a larger variety of aspirations but that will come with expansion packs. Now all I can think about is what expansion will be announced first… Exciting!

There are other cool bits like more detailed make up options, sleeve tattoos, hats in a separate category to hair and the ability to wear leggings without it having to be part of a full preset outfit, but nothing I can review too much on other than say “I like that”.

Overall, I think the demo is awesome and has made me extra enthusiastic about the full game’s release. A lot of people don’t seem that excited for the next generation of Sims because they don’t see the point because The Sims 3 is pretty good already and see it as an excuse to make money. The Sims 3 came out in 2009 when I was 17 which seems so long ago now. Technology has evolved and The Sims has simply adapted to that. If someone doesn’t want to start over with expansion pack collecting, no one is stopping them from staying with The Sims 3. Not me though, I’m off to get the newest one as soon as I can!

Jaz x

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