Taking Ringo & Rolo to Cockapoo Day!

Each time I’ve said to someone I’m having a family day out for ‘Cockapoo Day’ soon, they either laugh or question it being a real thing, it does sound kind of odd. Cockapoo (poodle crossed cocker spaniels) is the breed of my two dogs, Ringo & Rolo, whom I love so much, they’re my little brothers. So when my parents discovered there was a full day in Lincolnshire dedicated to them, we thought that we just had to go and I was so excited for it! That day was today.

Outfit of the day:


Poodle print dress: Yumi

Cardigan: Fat Face

Boots: New Look

Daisy necklace: Topshop

I think what you wear for a day out is very important. My poodle dress seemed appropriate for obvious reasons, but as it’s getting a bit colder in England, I thought I’d keep warm with one of my chunky cardigans. I chose these boots because I was spending the day in a field and they are pretty practical, but still look nice which is just what I wanted for today. The necklace was just a random extra feature I wanted in today’s look.

When we arrived, I was amazed! There were humans with Cockapoos everywhere, there were lots of little fenced off sections such as the agility course and the bacon flavoured bubble area. there was music playing all day, most of them dog related songs like “how much is that doggy in the window?” and “who let the dogs out?”, it was so cute! The first thing we did was enter Ringo in the treat catching competition (self explanatory rules), he’s food obsessed and good at catching, whereas Rolo is lazy and probably wouldn’t enjoy it or be good at it. So below we have my sister Megan holding Rolo and my dad with Ringo waiting for the game to start. Ringo ended up coming 3rd out of 25ish dogs which is awesome.



We then thought it would be a great idea to go into the bacon bubble enclosure with them, this is just a fenced off area like i mentioned before with a bubble machine and the bubbles taste like bacon. We thought they’d love it, the other dogs in there certainly did, not so much ours though. Both of them managed to find an escape and they made a run for it out the enclosure and back towards the treat throwing area where all the treats were being stored. Arrgh, that was stressful! Luckily, we got them back easily, all they wanted was more biscuits.

IMG_3015Here’s what the bacon bubble area looked like anyway!

Next was the big ‘Poo Parade, they counted 228 cockapoos in the end and said that was the highest amount of cockapoos in one area in the UK ever. Wow. Many cockapoos. Such cute. I did film it but it doesn’t seem to want to load on here, urrghhh, I need to do YouTube. There was a huge group picture though so here’s that!



After that, it was more games! Hurdles, an eating challenge called ‘Scoff the Sausage’ and musical mats which is basically musical chairs. Annoyingly, I filmed clips of these on my iPhone again with the intention that I’ll just post them on here the same as pictures but this cheap laptop I’m using just won’t do it. Probably the most exciting part of the day was me & Ringo in the ‘Scoff the Sausage’ competition though. Basically, there were 4 bowls in each row, and you had to run to each one with your dog and they had to eat what was in there as quick as possible and then you’d run with them to the next. There were 3 rounds, about 40 dogs entered, me & Ringo won one of the first rounds, came second in the next which meant we were in the final of 7 dogs and then we came 2nd place! At the time I was annoyed that it was so close, yet just didn’t quite do it, but I’m just happy that me & Ringo made a great time and lots of fun competing! There’s always next year. Here’s a final picture of Ringo & Rolo socialising with other Cockapoos.


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