Why (500) Days Of Summer May Just Be The Greatest Movie Ever

If you haven’t seen (500) Days of Summer already, I will give you a few reasons why you should do. If you’ve already seen it, well then here’s the reasons you should watch it again. I’ve had a few friends recently be super down and this film genuinely cheers me up so much.

1. Upfront with the plot – from the beginning, the narrator says “you should know upfront, this is not a love story”. I know telling the audience kind of what happens right at the start of the film sounds a bit odd, but it really works, it’s an interesting way to start a film.

2. Summer’s views on relationships – when Summer’s new colleagues ask her if she has a boyfriend, she replies with “no, because I don’t want one” and goes on to explain that relationships are messy, feelings get hurt and that she prefers to be on her own. It’s so good to see a character who doesn’t have a romanticised, non-realistic view about love and relationships. She basically makes being single feel awesome, like you don’t need anyone else but yourself.

3. Tom’s views on relationships – Tom’s views on love are completely different. He feels that he will never be happy until he meets ‘the one’. It’s really cute to see how much he cares for Summer and how much he wants to be in a relationship. Yet, he never comes across as desperate somehow, it just makes me have a slight crush on him.

4. Role reversal – I love that they’ve made the female character be a commitment phobe and the male be the one that gets his heart broken. It just goes to show that women aren’t always the ones that want all the lovey-dovey stuff and that men can have a sensitive side.

5. Tom’s expectations vs reality – there is a scene in this film which splits the screen down the middle and has one half Tom’s expectations and the other his reality and what is actually happening. It’s such a good way to show what he wants when he’s actually getting the opposite. As a constant day dreamer myself, I often play out in my head what I want to happen in a situation and then it’s rarely ever quite what I hoped. It’s just so relatable.

6. Music – The Smiths, Black Lips, Doves, Hall & Oates, The Temper Trap etc… I could listen to the soundtrack everyday. All of the songs fit in so well to each scene they are being played in.

7. Ending – the ending is surprisingly amazing. You’d think the narrator saying “This is not a love story. It is a story about love” would be a slightly depressing ending, but it isn’t at all. I don’t want to spoil anything though, it’s just perfect.

The whole film just makes me happy when I watch it, highly recommend if you’re feeling down… Especially if it’s relationship troubles!

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