Outfit of the night – Halloween

This year for Halloween, I chose to turn myself into a gothic Victorian style china doll that had gone a bit derelict and cracked over the years of neglect. I was super happy with how my costume turned out this year so here’s how to get the look. I managed to scare quite a few people which is always fun, muhahaha.

I started off by painting my nails white with Essie’s ‘allure’ which I actually don’t recommend, it took about 4 coats to apply. Normally, I love Essie’s nail varnishes so I think it’s just a one off. I kept my hands jewellery free too because china dolls have completely porcelain plain hands. Speaking of porcelain, I painted my skin white with Snazaroo body paint and wore white tights that I found on eBay somewhere for around £3, bargain!

To get the fake looking rosy cheeks, I used Soap & Glory’s ‘sexy mother blusher’ in red without blending it out. It’s in a stick form so you can get really defined circles of red which matched perfectly with the half mask. To get the derelict look, I used a black pencil eyeliner from Rimmel and just drew cracks wherever I fancied putting them. Lipstick was Rimmel’s ‘Dark Night Water L-ooops’.

Also from the fancydress.com website, I bought some gigantic fake eyelashes because I needed to look as fake and girly as possible. These are a nightmare to wear! I’m still pulling lash glue off now. However, it did make my face look more dramatic and dolly like so it was totally worth it.

I added a long black wig instead of just having my normal hair because dolls usually have super long hair. It actually really works with a cheap wig because it looks fake and knotty and that just goes with the look. You don’t want perfect looking hair when you’re an old, falling apart doll. I got mine from eBay for around £10 (includes 2 wig caps) which is pretty damn good value.

The rest was just adding the dress, hat, mask, parasol etc. I got this part of it from fancydress.com – http://www.fancydress.com/costumes/Victorian-Doll-/0~4514998~272 – completely forgot to include my parasol in the photos which is annoying! But you can see how it would look in the link above…

Oooh no, one more thing (my most favourite bit) were my pointy velvet shoes from Asos. I will end up wearing these again loads and they looked quite cute and dolly like so I knew they’d go well with the costume. Great for tall people that want fancy looking shoes with a slight heel but don’t want to add lots of height.

Hope you all had a very happy Halloween!






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