Things That Piss Me Off

You know sometimes you just need a little vault to let everything out that annoys you so you don’t end up imploding with rage??? These are five things that are getting on my nerves right now. Maybe I’ll post a “Things That Make Me Happy” blog so you know I’m not a miserable bitch, haha.

When people stand still on escalators

What a huge waste of time! If you’re trying to get from one place to another, why stand still and take 5 times as long when you could walk at your normal pace on an escalator and be moved at a way faster speed, is that not the point of them? The most annoying thing is when loads of people are stood still like mindless zombies and I want to get through. I end up saying “excuse me…”, “excuse me…”, “excuse me…” and walk past people… because who has time to move that slow when you have functional legs?! Obviously you’re exempt if you’re elderly, disabled, injured or have a huge suitcase with you. Just wanted to point that out so you know I’m a nice person really, ha. In all serious though, why do people do this? I just can’t comprehend this waste of time.


“Merrrt show us yer tits”. Unless you’re saying this to be ironic, I don’t like you. I’m no feminist but these guys completely degrade women. This bizarre culture of poor speaking English and swag is ridiculously unattractive. They all think they’re so tough and amazing, when in reality they’re just pathetic. Do they live to go out and be overly offensive? I just don’t understand the appeal in this lifestyle. *sigh* what has happened to the modern world?

Judgemental people

If you’re going to tell me I’m immature when I’m having a laugh or that I’m a weirdo for liking thunderstorms and horror, you can piss right off. How bored must those people be with their own lives that they have to pick apart other people’s? I have better things to do with my time than falsely analyse other people’s lives and so should everyone else. No one’s perfect, why can’t we all just stop with the hate and judgement? Urgh.

Pointless drama

Picture this situation, you go on a night out with a big group of friends, you start one place and have lots to drink, everyone’s tipsy and you’re taking derpy Snapchats of each other. What could possibly go wrong? EVERYTHING CAN. You end arguing where to go next because you’re friends like different things or people just create scenarios in their drunken minds. Stay away from busy areas when drinking…

Wearing glasses in winter

This is probably one of the only things I don’t like about the colder months. Going from the cold outside into the warmth of a building? My eye shields steam up like crazy and I end up blind with my glasses and blind without my glasses… contact lenses it is for these months! The worst part is when you keep them on and try to ignore it until it disappears, some people point out and say “did you know you’ve steamed up?”… Really? no I had no idea! It’s only the place on my body I see out of!

Can you relate to any of these? Let me know.

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