Why I Like “Bad Weather”

“Miserable day outside today, isn’t it?”

Sound familiar? This is regular small talk I hear in day to day life. I’ve done a blog post previously titled “Summer Is Overrated”. I felt I needed an extension of it from a winter point of view after so many people whinge about this time of year and I just don’t understand!

If you live in the UK, you’ll know how gloomy and cold the weather becomes as autumn draws to a close. Me personally, I love it. In summer, I always feel hot and sweaty and I have to squint in the sun and my pasty skin burns in the slightest bit of sun. I think I’m actually a vampire… haha. Seriously though, winter is the best! You can wear cosy jumpers sat by the open fire whilst drinking hot beverages. Seeing chilly or wet weather outside the window just make it so much cosier. Isn’t falling asleep with the sound of rain just the nicest thing ever? Then when you go outside, you can wear coats, scarves, woolly beanie hats etc and be 1000 times more comfortable than a little summer dress and sandals in July.

Another thing that so many people complain about is it getting dark outside earlier, but I think it’s nice. I’m glad we have some daylight time but it gives a relaxed vibe that makes me want to get into pj’s and curl up in bed with Netflix. Also, how amazing is thunder and lightning? It’s actually beautiful. Oh, and one word: snow. Winter is actually awesome, everything is just so much more exciting outside.

I just don’t quite understand the concept of “bad weather”, I can see pros and cons to all weather types. Unless of course, it’s a natural disaster, not that we get many of those in England! Maybe I’m just weird and I’m coming across as a miserable goth type and I’m the only person ever to think these things but really, I’m just seeing pros where others cannot. Would you want every single day to be sunny and dry? BORING.

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