Concluding 2014

It’s the first day of 2015, Happy New Year everyone!

What an eventful year 2014 has been. A few bad experiences have happened, but I don’t want to dwell on those too much, just learn from them so I can make this year even better. Some pretty amazing things have happened throughout 2014, including:

– Climbed the Langdale Pikes and Scarfell Pike in the Lake District

– Left job at McDonald’s to become a full time receptionist

– Got out of debt

– Started this blog

– Was a bridesmaid for two of my friends getting married

– Been on an amazing trip to New York with two of my best friends

… and many more! It’s easy to notice what goes wrong in life, but if you actually think about it, life can be pretty awesome! I mean, (within reason) we can do anything we want and then eventually we die and stop existing so let’s just do what makes us happy or life will be pointless.

This is getting kinda deep. Seriously though, does anyone else use the Time Hop app? I check it everyday and it makes me realise how much I’ve grown as a person when I see a Facebook status I posted 5 years ago or a drunken photo from 3 years ago (admittedly, I still get tagged in cringey drunken photos).

Let’s make some resolutions:

1. Be healthier (so original Jaz! I do need to try though)

2. Regulate an actual sleeping pattern (5 hours one night and then 12 hours the next is not healthy)

3. Maintain a positive attitude (don’t let stupid life drama get you down)

4. Write more blog posts (and maybe have an upload pattern… I don’t know, it’s not too organised at the moment)

5. Move out of parent’s house (self explanatory)

I’m going to read this in a years time and see how well I’ve managed.

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