The Stages Of Getting Obsessed With A Series On Netflix

I’m currently off sick from work with some muscular virus which means I can barely walk and the tablets I’ve been prescribed make me ridiculously drowsy so I keep falling asleep or at least needing my bed and cuddles from my cats. Netflix has become my best friend over the past few days and it’s made me realise something… there are set stages on how I go through a series on Netflix. It’s currently happening with Fairy Tail, previously The Mighty Boosh, and more previously Orange Is The New Black. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one here.

1. You finish watching a series on Netflix, then wonder what you’re going to do with your life now.

2. Get a new series suggestion.

3. Become unsure about it because what you recently finished watching was so awesome. How could anything compare?

4. Give in and start watching it because you’ve got nothing else to do. You get a few episodes in but you can’t quite get into it.

5. You then go back to it and after a few more episodes, you start to enjoy it and even continue watching it until 2:00AM even though you may have work in the morning!

6. You regularly browse through Etsy merchandise and want everything. You then realised you’re not rich so you buy one or two things and add everything else to your Pinterest page.

7. You start quoting things from the show in everyday conversations. (E.g. New Girl: one time when Jess falls over she says “it’s happening!” and I now say that a lot…)

8. You contemplate dressing as your favourite character for Halloween. (I was Marceline one year from Adventure Time).

9. You start to want the show to be like real life.

10. Netflix runs out of episodes and the cycle continues…

Reading through that back, I guess it counts for any television series. I always have a series on the go anyway but yes, this is my whole life at the moment. But hey, it’s been a nice break from all the craziness of life. Now let’s hope I get better soon before I really go stir crazy and start thinking I’m a wizard in the Fairy Tail guild, haha.

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