I’m Addicted To Pinterest

Whilst I was sick recently (I’m all better now by the way), I really got into Pinterest. I never quite understood the point of it before. You see something you like online and then you ‘pin’ it and split them all into categories. Sounds pointless.

But I’m hooked now! It’s quite therapeutic browsing through your boards, a bit like organising little sections of your life. I’ve got a board for home decor, some which are affordable bits I’d like to buy in the near future and some big library ideas that I could only ever afford if I won the lottery, but it’s nice to scroll through it and dream. I’ve got another board for fashion which is like my pretend online wardrobe where I can browse through clothes and accessories I love that I can’t really afford.

I, of course, have a cat board for all the cats I want. Haha, nah I want a couple of my own cats when I get my own house and after Pebbles & Dusty eventually die (sudden feeling of sadness). The cat and dog boards are a place I can scroll through to look at cute animals and cheer myself up when I’m feeling down. How can you be sad when you’re looking at lots of adorable puppies and kittens? Gawd, I’m such a girl sometimes.

I’ve also got boards for my interests like Pokemon, Adventure Time, American Horror Story, The Legend of Zelda, animes… it’s really satisfying laying out categories that make up your life and fill each board with things that make you happy. Hence my tag line: “Just pinning everything that makes me happy”.

I guess it’s all a bit pointless but then hey, isn’t life totally pointless? (Deep thought of the day).

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