Stop Worrying So Much, Jaz

Adding to my previous ‘Night Owls’ post, I walked into a coffee shop today around lunchtime and the barista said “busy day?” and I replied with “Urgh… well I woke up and then I came here for coffee”, hahaha.

Anyway, a thing I’ve found myself doing a lot recently is worrying. In a couple of weeks, I’m moving out of my parents house which is super exciting but also brings worries like… “will my cats be okay without me?”, “can I afford everything?” and “arrgghh this is it, real adult stuff”.

I’ve also been worrying about my grandparents getting old, my cats getting old (loved ones dying basically!), money in general, whether I’ll ever actually date someone I want to be with for life, if I’ll only ever be a receptionist until I’m 70, getting some terrible illness, people’s opinions of me, if everything’s going to be okay… and so on. I’m not normally this much of a worrier, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, maybe it’s this big emotional step to independence and leaving my little Pebbles & Dusty.

I’m looking forward to it though (not the no cats bit) and have no idea why I’m worrying so much about other aspects of my life. I just need to breathe for a minute and remind myself to just enjoy what happens and if there’s anything I can do to improve things, do it. I also need to work on not procrastinating and actually going out and getting some exercise. See, I’m making plans for improvement! Now just got to stick to it and be productive and try not to worry about the silly things.

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