You know those really vivid dreams you get that feel so real? Well I had a pretty bad one last night. Waking up to my alarm this morning was actually a good thing. 

I was dreaming that I’d been put in prison for murder that I didn’t commit and I was wearing an orange jumpsuit (must be from all the Pretty Little Liars & Misfits I’ve been watching). I kept trying to explain that I had nothing to do with it and no one would listen to me, I was treated like total scum. I felt really lonely and I kept crying, just wishing I could be in my bedroom and back in the real world. So at the moment I heard my alarm, I instantly jumped up and freaked out a bit.

I’ve been in a good mood all day, all I can think is “hey, at least I’m not in prison!” when I think of anything to worry about. I guess having nightmares is a good thing. It’s like when you watch a horror film and you get all panicky and then afterwards you feel appreciative that it’s not real. So, going back to my previous blog post where I told you all about how much I’ve been worrying, I think I’ve found my solution! Just have a nightmare and compare that to your real life problems, haha. Failing that, a good horror film will do.

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