Do you ever wonder how incredibly normal your life is? 9-5 office job, maybe have a couple of glasses of wine on an evening with a novel or a film and back to sleep for it to be repeated all over again. I went to watch The Avengers: Age Of Ultron the other day and kept thinking how badass they are and thinking “why can’t I have some super human ability too?” I’ve also been watching a ton of Misfits which makes me want a massive storm to come that will give out superpowers to anyone exposed to it.

Which brings me to, what ability would I have if I could chose? Shapeshifting would be a pretty fun one. Just think of all the mischief you could get up to. Although, it doesn’t really serve much purpose other than messing with people and I suppose I’m too nice a person to do that.

Having super speed could come in handy. I was imagining Evan Peters as Quicksilver in X-Men: Days Of Future Past there. That is one sexy film (Nicholas Hoult and Evan Peters are rather hot)! Seriously though, running late to meet your friends? Just use your super speed. If it came with super fast thinking, just think of all the blog posts and stories I could write in a single day. So much efficiency.

Teleportation, that is a useful skill. You’d never have to get the bus again or even pay for holidays. But if super speed can get me to places almost as quick, there isn’t much point to it. Especially when it has other advantages. It would be nice to teleport to another county on stressful days though.

The power to pause time is another one I’ve always wished for. You could pause time to get out of a tricky situation, pause time if you were late and needed to buy more time, pause time if someone asks you a tricky question and you need to think of a witty response. Only problem is, you’d have to be really careful where you used it. If you paused time in a public place, moved and re-started time, it would confuse people nearby when you’re in a totally different position or location altogether so you may get discovered.

I think I’m favouring super speed. That probably comes from me always wanting to power walk, power eat and do everything efficiently. I could get so much done. I could even earn loads of money as a super fast athlete. If only.

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