Update For The Last Week Or So…

I feel almost as if I haven’t had time to just sit down and write recently. In summary, in the last 10 days since I did an actual post…

  I exercised for the first time in months (ached for two days)

–   I was put on new medication for my anxiety that made me completely loopy for three days straight

–   My new house was broken into and robbed

–   I started to hate everyone and went on a complete downer

–   I then realised… meh, shit happens

–   I applied for The Open University to study English

At least I ended that on a good point! Okay, so I’ve failed university once, but I want another shot at it. I was lazy, not fussed and on the wrong course at age 18. I just think that at the regular degree choosing age, so many people have much more learn about themselves and what they want out of life. I picked a science which was a big mistake. Well, ding ding ding! That’s the sound of ROUND TWO.

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