Life Lesson with Jaz (A Note To Myself And To Others With Anxiety)

A problem I have experienced throughout life, is that I over think and care too much about the little things that really have little to no long term effect on my life or anyone else’s. I constantly freak out and have major issues with anxiety. This can be issues as small as saying the wrong thing in a social situation to bigger problems like thinking my house is going to get broken into again because it happened recently.
If you know me IRL, you’ll most likely think I’m one of the most laid back and optimistic people but it’s all just an act so people think I’m cool, haha. Nah, sometimes suppressing things seems like the easiest way to deal with them.
The thing is, worrying won’t help. Yeah sure, plan a few measures to prevent bad things from happening but we need to not over stress. Constantly caring about what might happen and what others might be thinking just sends you a bit crazy. I went so mad that it’s driven me into a series of panic attacks. I did originally decide to not discuss this too publicly but I have since realised how common it is and that when people talk through their issues and release it into the open, you then find that we’re all human and we’re all a little bit messed up in some way.
I think as you get older, the more you start to realise that life is too short to care too much. We should just do what makes us happy and spend time with whoever makes us happy. I know I’ll always have those moments of weakness… but I guess that’s just life.

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