Sunday Morning Rant

The last couple of weeks, I haven’t been in the mood to write. I’ve been reading loads but completely neglected my writing. I’m totally in the mood to complain about a few things today though. I did one of these posts in late 2014, but I appear to have more to rant about.

Landlords not allowing pets

I don’t understand this. I want Dusty to live with me again but absolutely pointless rules mean I have to be alone all the time. Fuck sake.

Expensive sanitaries

There’s tax on tampons because it’s apparently a luxury for me to want to stop my period blood from pouring down me and everything I sit on. Hm, makes perfect fucking sense.

Piercings & tattoos not being accepted in most workplaces

Quit with the judgement people. I just got my nose pierced and I’m slightly worried what people might say on Monday with me being a receptionist…. meh. It’s my face and I should be allowed do what I want with it.

Washing up

You do it and it reappears later. How do I keep my kitchen tidy for more than a couple of hours?! The struggle is so real.


Get your hand off my arse you pathetic excuse for a human being. I don’t even know you. Ew.

People saying “when you have kids”

Does no one realise that this is a bit personal? I shouldn’t feel obliged to grow a human inside my womb, maybe I’m more comfortable adopting small fluffy animals instead.

Being interrupted while reading – slight Far From The Madding Crowd spoiler alert!

I was off in my own little world daydreaming about being Bathsheba Everdene, owning a huge flock of sheep in the countryside and rejecting men falling at my feet because I’m so fucking beautiful and independent. Now I’ve been interrupted and it’s reminded me how ordinary my life is.

Now I’m going to light some Nag Champa incense and read more Far From The Madding Crowd now the rant is out the way.

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