According to The Oxford Dictionary, friendship is defined as:

friendship |ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp|

noun [ mass noun ]

the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends. old ties of love and friendship. this is an ideal group for finding support and friendship.

• [ count noun ] a relationship between friends: she formed close friendships with women.

a state of mutual trust and support between allied nations. because of the friendship between our countries, we had a very frank exchange. the foreign ministers extended to eastern Europe the hand of friendship.

ORIGIN Old English frēondscipe (see friend,-ship) .

In my eyes, a friend is someone (human or animal) that you form a bond with, and then you spend time together occasionally so you don’t become estranged from the rest of the world. If one friend is down, the other shows support etc. Without friendship, we’d just turn into solitary beings all fending for ourselves and that sounds quite depressing. Of course, the odd solitary evening is very much needed. 

As many of you will know, I live with my two closest friends. I do feel really lucky for it. I can just walk out of my bedroom and chances are, at least one of them will be around for company. Although, I do miss living with my dogs and cats like crazy now I’ve moved out of my parents’ house. Somehow, without them speaking, they make fantastic companions. Anyway, visits back to my parent’s house are pretty easy so I’m happy.

It’s not all good though. I have lost a few friends because of a) growing up and realising you have absolutely nothing in common or b) because they’ve treated me like the Millhouse of the friendship (The Simpsons reference, haha). Seriously don’t be scared to leave these people behind. It’s hard, sometimes harder than a break up but I don’t regret leaving those people out of my life.

I think I just wanted to write this because as I’ve gotten older and so much shit has happened throughout life, that it’s just made me incredibly appreciative. So, in school, friends were just there with little effort and there wasn’t much meaning to it. Then you get older and you form your own alliances, often in the form of getting drunk when you’re in your 20s but hey, there’s some strong connections there. There’s really very little point to this post, I just enjoy randomly typing and getting things I’m thinking into words. Very therapeutic.

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