Confession: I Have An Online Shopping Addiction

“Said every woman ever” you’re probably thinking. While there may be some truth in that, I’m starting to think mine may be getting a little extreme. As they say, the first step to getting over a problem is to admit you have a problem or something along those lines.

I need to get out of debt. I waste time scrolling through websites for books, Nintendo games, clothes, make-up, cute cushions… You name it, I’ve looked and I probably don’t need it. I have a lengthy Amazon wish list, a constant ‘to buy’ list and a large collection of bookmarked items on Safari. I’d like to think I’m not a materialistic person so why do I feel the need to buy all this stuff? Sure, it’s nice getting the occasional new Stephen King novel or new pair of Topshop skinny jeans when you’re working 40+ hours per week but I think I’m using the ‘just treating myself’ excuse a bit too much!

I partly blame PayPal. It makes online shopping so quick and easy, if I had to spend ages inputting all my bank details, I might think twice about placing that £200+ ASOS order. The credit option is a dangerous feature because it makes me feel like I’m getting something for free and then ooops, months down the line I’m struggling to pay for it.

There’s just something so satisfying about receiving parcels. Although, because I’ve been trying to hide my addiction, it’s gotten to the unhealthy point where I tactically sometimes order to home, other times to work and occasionally to a local shop so my housemates or colleagues don’t accuse me of over-spending. It’s actually getting really weird and obsessive because I’ll try work out where I’ve had things sent to the least so no one gets suspicious. (Sorry Fliss & Smithy! – my housemates).

Right Jaz, from now on, THINK BEFORE YOU ADD SOMETHING TO YOUR BASKET. Seriously, no one needs that much stuff and it won’t make you happy. Just think of saving all that extra money into paying off your overdraft and a nice little trip to Paris and/or Amsterdam. Wish me luck.

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