The Best Things In Life Are Cheap

Following on from my “Confession: I’m Addicted To Online Shopping” post 3 weeks ago, I thought I’d let you know how I’m doing. I wanted to name this post “The Best Things In Life Are Free” but I didn’t quite agree with that statement. However, I managed to think of a few things that are extremely cheap compared to a £300 ASOS shopping spree that make me feel just as happy without thinking “ow, right in the wallet”!

So, in no particular order, these are what’s helping me get over my addiction…

Coffee: keeps me relatively sane when I’m forced away from my bed every morning.

Baths: the first thing I want after a long day at work.

Pinterest: one of the most pointless yet brilliant creations ever made.

Cats: visiting Pebbles & Dusty at my parent’s house. Need I say more?

Sleep: probably the most amazing and free thing there is.

Notepad: because jotting down thoughts and ideas for stories on the go is half of my life.

Netflix: I often look forward to being off sick so it’s acceptable to binge watch Netflix again.

Wine: the solution and cause to most of my problems.

Family & Friends: obvious and unoriginal but so true.

Paying Off Debt: slowly starting to realise how satisfying this really is.

It’s a slow process but I think I’m getting there.

Photo on 19-08-2015 at 20.34 P.S. Hi from my Webcam, this is how I look when I blog.

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