How To Not Panic When You’re Skint

Since I’ve recently been busy with plans and I’ve paid for trips to Paris & Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, along with the obscene amount of rent & bills we all have to pay, I’m incredibly poor. You know when you go to the cash machine and it says ‘insufficient funds’ when you withdraw £10… yeah that kind of poor.

Waves of panic were rushing through me when I had this realisation yesterday but I managed to calm myself down. Here’s some ideas how I’m planning on keeping myself that way:

  • Budget extremely carefully
  • Think back to where your money has gone and how it was totally worth it
  • Become a social hermit and use your skint time to catch up with films & books etc you’ve always wanted to check out but maybe not had the time?
  • Invite friends over instead (an alternative to being a hermit if you really want social time)
  • Sleep
  • Sell things you don’t use on eBay
  • Clean your whole house (it’s so satisfying!)
  • Create something weird for Tumblr
  • Go to your parents’ house for some free food
  • Have an alcohol detox
  • Teach yourself a new skill (I’m attempting to teach myself some French!… and how to ride a bike)
  • Jot down a bucket list
  • Do some free exercise like running
  • Take a load of stupid Snapchats to entertain your friends
  • Netflix
  • Make some awesome future plans to look forward to when you next have money
  • Publish a blog post about being skint

Do all that and hopefully you’ll be watching the figure in your bank account slowly go up and your worries gone.

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