Which is best… Paris or Amsterdam?

This time last week, I was so excited to get en route to my little holiday to TWO beautiful European cities with my housemates (Fliss & Smithy) and our friend John. All my money has been spent and I am severely skint now… worth it. First stop, Paris.


Bienvenue sur mon blog Paris!... been trying to teach myself French recently.
I love the sound of the French language and this city is gorgeous, romantic 
and full of magnificent art and architecture. I think I could live in Paris. 
It reminds me of a more elegant London, the metro was super easy to 
navigate as well.

IMG_1717The first thing we did was visit and go up the iconic Eiffel Tower. I was getting so giddy at first because I’ve always wanted to go here and it was finally happening! Felt surreal.

After that first evening, we had to do the rest in one jam-packed day. The Louvre, the “love lock” bridge, Notre Dame, typical Parisian cafes and the night time River Seine Cruise.

I loved the majestic vibe of The Louvre, Notre Dame and some of the other larger buildings.

IMG_1771 IMG_1750

The Eiffel Tower looks even more amazing at night, it lights up in so many different ways. The below photo doesn’t do it much justice.

I was gutted to be leaving this lovely city. But for now, au revoir Paris! Next stop, Amsterdam.


Packing up, getting on the train and leaving Paris really felt like the end of the holiday… until I reminded myself we were off to The Netherlands! Eeeee, this place has the best nightlife I’ve ever seen and it was a lot of fun.

IMG_1798 The canals, boats and tall Dutch buildings are so cute, nearly everyone rides bicycles as well so there’s barely any traffic.


We had the arrival night, which consisted of drinking. Then, a full day followed by another night of drinking. Hey, it’s part of why you come to this place.

I’d mentioned in my Poland blog post that I wanted to visit Amsterdam for the Anne Frank Museum. We queued for over an hour but I knew it would be worth it. It was a brilliant extension to all the history I saw in Krakow and with The Diary of a Young Girl being freshly read in my mind, it was the ideal time to go.

IMG_1800I’m not sure if I had mentioned this before on here, but I can’t ride a bike… quite embarrassing being in the city where there are more bikes than people. So my friends put me on the back of a tandem! I’m yet to test whether I can ride solo yet.


The rest of Amsterdam consisted of visiting the local bars, museums and of course the infamous Red Light District. The rest is a secret though 😉

So which did I enjoy more? The elegant, romantic Paris or the wild, entertaining Amsterdam? Hm, if I wanted to go somewhere really fun with friends, I’d vote Amsterdam. But overall, my absolute favourite has to be Paris.

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