Macbeth – 1611 or 2015?


Yesterday, I went to the cinema to see the new film starring Michael Fassbender as Macbeth. Being a huge Shakespeare fan myself, I obviously got very excited and arranged a coffee/cinema day with my friend, Jess. An Autumn stroll, Americanos, meeting with a good friend and then going to see an amazing film is a pretty good day.

Nothing surprised me about the film, it rarely leaves the battlefield and it has a lot of blood and stabbing. Michael Fassbender makes an excellent Macbeth, and the iconic witches and the murder of King Duncan are just as you’d think Shakespeare would have imagined them to be.

I am sometimes one of those annoying people that will criticise films based on books because they’ve skipped something vital out. However, I didn’t need to that with this film. It was true to the story, just a little overly dramatised as you’d expect film producers would do.

In addition, the Scottish scenery was beautiful, the castle architecture was stunning and the actors spoke in Shakespearian language perfectly!

So which do I prefer? 1611 or 2015? I’m a literature student and bookworm… I have to say that Shakespeare’s original version is a literary masterpiece and nothing will come close. However, if you are interested in the story or just like a good action film, this is a really good alternative. I give it a 9/10.

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