Unnecessary Thoughts

I always say venting thoughts from your mind onto paper (or pixelated paper in this case) helps to unwind and evaluate what the hell is going on up in there and then you can recollect your thoughts and chill.


I’m in a stressy mood   D:

Recent thoughts about money

  • Will I have enough money for rent day?
  • Will I ever escape the evil grasp of my overdraft?
  • Am I getting enough hours at work?
  • What if I never travel to loads of places in my life because I’m so poor?

Recent thoughts about time

  • Will I manage to finish this assignment on time and actually make it good?
  • Do I have enough time for myself and to see my friends?
  • What if I lose contact with everyone because I’m too busy?
  • Am I putting enough time into my blog?

Now breathe, let’s get organised.

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