Halloween & Bonfire Night 2015

I love this time of year. Autumn, Halloween, Bonfire Night, looking forward to Winter & Christmas. I prefer this time of year to summer! So it makes sense that I would share some of the things I’ve been up to.

Halloscream at York Maze – Wednesday 28th October

maxresdefault(picture taken from the Halloscream event webpage)

Since I was being chased with chainsaws, going in trippy rooms with distorted walls and being separated from my friends by the creepy looking staff. I was having too much of an adrenaline rush to take any of my own photos. York Maze host this every year for a few nights around Halloween and it is so fun! Maybe don’t go if you’re easily scared 😉 each section is themed differently, this year had a freak show, a 010101 building where you get separated and get lost, an 1800s trip back to York, a war with gas masks and a crazy house full of clowns that make you feel like you’re high. If you’re into horror, definitely check this out next year or a similar event if you don’t live near York.

Halloween House Party – Saturday 31st October

On Saturday, me and my housemates hosted our own party! I painted my face as a skull (which is pretty easy to do with an eyeliner pencil and some face paint) and wore a black swing dress with skull hands. Going out-out on Halloween can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not comfortable with huge crowds like me so this was a good alternative. We even made disgusting looking (but actually quite nice) Sewer Water Punch! Just mix vodka, orange juice with pulp and Dr. Pepper and you’re set.

IMG_1892 12191549_10154357899178986_693064878432809397_n


Fireworks Display – Thursday 5th November

Tonight is the 5th November as I’m writing this post and I’ve been back to York Maze again for their Bonfire Night display! Got a little bit tipsy on mulled wine and watched the pretty colours. What’s not to love about being with friends, booze and something stunning to watch?

12219578_10154368384943986_3076287674751514847_n IMG_1901 IMG_1926 IMG_1912 IMG_1905

Now it’s Christmas I’ve got to look forward to 😀

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