First Post Of 2016 – I’m Obsessed With Netflix

Happy 2016, Readers!

She says on the 19th…

I’ve been catching up with people over the festive period and catching up with work assignments through much of January. I planned on doing some kind of New Year review of me and my blog but really, my only resolution is to give less of a s*** and try to stress out less. I guess the only annual review I care about is looking over my Netflix history and thinking about how that was time well wasted. So that’s what I’m going to do instead.

This may not be to everyone’s taste, as this does include mostly anime, but here’s my list of the best series I watched over the last year.

10. Daredevil – A Marvel story full of anticipation and suspense.

9. Orphan Black – A badass female lead with a complicated yet captivating narrative.

8. Jessica Jones – Another badass female lead. Watching this made me want to be Jessica Jones. Or at least a tougher version of myself.

7. Fairy Tail – Watched the whole of season 1 in a few days at the start of 2015. Easy to watch anime.

6. Pretty Little Liars – Got me through my month long sickness back in February/March. The crippling mysteries of Rosewood kept me from bed ridden boredom.

5. Sword Art Online – Who doesn’t want to know what it would be like getting trapped inside a Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG)?

4. Gurren Lagaan – Fantastic life quotes like “Kick logic out and do the impossible!”, characters you can get easily attached to, with beautiful music and an emotional storyline. 

3. Death Note – Already watched when I was about 16. Gave me so much nostalgia. Also made me crave apples.

2. Community – The funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Whenever I was feeling down, I’d watch an episode or 2 and it really cheered me up.

1. Attack On Titan – Ta da! 1st place goes to Attack on Titan. This is amazing. I think it was the quickest series I binged through because the story was so intense. Next on my list is to read the manga.


In regards to my life, it was an alright year.


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