Spoiler Free “Room” Review

IMG_2002Room is the story of a 5-year-old boy (Jack) and his mother who live in one single room. Jack has never been outside and is unaware that there in another side to their walls. I won’t continue to explain the plot further, that’s all the knowledge about Room you’ll need to read this post.

I was at the cinema seeing The Revenant a week ago (which I enjoyed very much), when the trailers were on, one of them caught my eye. “This looks really familiar” was going through my mind. A few seconds in and I realised that it was in fact an adaptation of one of my favourite books ever.

I knew straight away that I had to go see it, so I did this weekend just gone. The film is a fantastic alternative to the book. It is slightly less powerful in some ways, as you would expect, due to cutting some scenes of the story short and not explaining a few of the scenes in depth. However, it is one of the most loyal films to its’ origin I’ve come across (The Hunger Games is still the closest in my eyes)!

The major thing Room does best in both the film and the book is give a sense of claustrophobia, causing you to feel trapped initially and then released which makes you see the world in a completely different light when you leave the cinema or when you finally put down the book. Room is very emotionally overwhelming and definitely made me more appreciative of my free roaming life.

See below for the YouTube trailer link:

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