Clearing Things Up & Making Changes!

Recently, a few people expressed some offence over my rant style blog posts. These posts are meant for me to let off a little steam, relate to people who are maybe experiencing similar things and to just have a laugh about a rubbish situation or thing. They’re not meant to be serious. Every time I mention a person, thing or company in a negative light, I strictly don’t mention any specific names for confidential reasons. I’ve never ranted on anything without a good reason so this has been really unfair.

Anyway, to keep people happy, I have deleted the posts I think people are referring to. I will keep my ranting to a minimum and save it for my own personal diary.

On a plus note, if you care, I’ve quit university! This is due to not enjoying the course and feeling that I would benefit more as a writer by working on my own personal writing more than focusing on assignments. I’ve got quite a few blog and book ideas that I’m putting a lot more effort into which is exciting. I’m also planning on revamping my blog as I get bored quickly and welcome change. My classic faceless head with a bob and glasses MIGHT be disappearing as I no longer wear glasses regularly or have such a blunt haircut. I’m not sure yet, we’ll see. Change is good.


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