30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 3

What are your top 3 pet peeves?

Lots of things annoy me in this world so I doubt this will be hard. Hm, let’s see… my top three pet hates are:

  1. Bad spelling and grammar – I’m always correcting people in my head when I read texts. If I pointed out everyone’s mistakes every single time, I doubt I’d have any friends by now.
  2. Slow walkers – Now I know many people can’t help this, this is more true when people aimlessly waddle around shops, in the middle of paths, not appearing to have a final destination in mind. When I walk from point A to point B, I want to do it quickly and efficiently.
  3. Screaming children – I can’t cope with noisy kids. I will never be able to have children because of this.




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