30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 4

Write about someone who inspires you.

I had to think really hard about this one. I don’t have one main person that I idolise, just bits here and there from various people. Admittedly, I tend to feel most inspired by things I see on Pinterest.

Contemplating this further, I thought “who has done something truly amazing that encourages me to better myself?”. Helen Keller.

This might be a surprising one as I’ve never mentioned this before, but I find it incredible how someone who became deaf and blind as an infant could live such a long and successful life. Then there’s me who complains about waking up at 7:45AM for work and has barely achieved anything to date! Okay, okay, this isn’t a compare myself to someone more influential post… She was brilliant though, I mean, if someone with her disabilities was able to publish work and achieve her dreams like obtain a degree and campaign for women’s rights, then maybe I can do great things too. Maybe I’ll work on getting out of bed on time first.

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