30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 8

Share something you struggle with.

I have a serious problem, I struggle getting out of bed every morning.

Every night I set 6 or 7 consecutive alarms and I lie in bed thinking “just 5 more minutes” in my little igloo of warmth where my room is at arctic temperatures and I eventually have no choice but to flail around getting ready in a rush and ending up sprinting to work every morning, barely making it.

I have addressed this as a problem but nothing works, having an early night doesn’t help. Drinking loads of water the night before doesn’t make me want to pee early. Having my phone the other side of the room so I have to get up to turn the alarm off doesn’t work because I won’t hear it. I can’t find anything to help me out with this. Coffee helps make the hours after this occurrence more bearable but that’s all I’ve got. Give me suggestions please.

I blame memory foam mattresses.

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