30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 15

Bullet-point your whole day.

  • Struggled out of my grandparents’ sofa bed
  • Got dressed for a run
  • Left the house and ran by the cliffs listening to The Used
  • Ran back
  • Had a shower and got dressed and ready for the day
  • Ate toast and drank coffee with my grandparents
  • Read some more of Go Set A Watchman
  • Took a nap
  • Drank more coffee
  • Ate all my Easter chocolate
  • Watched a film with my grandparents
  • Met up with my cousins and ate homemade mushroom risotto
  • Played several rounds of the card game Demon
  • Drank lots of wine
  • Had late night chats with my family while stroking their cat, Loki
  • Got into my pjs and wrote this post
  • Now I might watch some Netflix and then go to sleep

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