30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 16

Something that you miss.

In general, I’m completely happy with how life is right now but one thing I really do miss is having all my friends around. I’d say… hm… half of them are still here in my home town of York which I’m so lucky to have. Gradually people have left though (including my brother) and it makes it more difficult to stay in touch. Years ago I would spend every day in summer chilling out with my friends in the park and having house parties and Xbox gaming nights and that’s much rarer these days. However, I have made new friends along the way and kept in touch with the others so I do still have an existing social life! I think I just used to take my easy teenage life where everyone was around completely for granted and now I’ve realised how much their friendship means to me, so I do continue to put the effort in to see all the people who have departed little Ye Olde Yorke.

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