30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 17

Post about your zodiac sign, and whether or not it fits you.

My birthday is the 29th June which makes me a Cancer. According to the first thing I found on Google, Cancer’s are moody, pessimistic and clingy. Haha, those are just the bad points, the positive traits include creativity, spontaneity, loyalty and generosity. They also dislike strangers and revealing their personal life.

I’m not sure this completely works for me… I would say that I can be moody (especially in the mornings!), I’m creative and shy of new people. I would also say that I can be spontaneous at times. The rest, not so much. I’m usually pretty optimistic and I’m definitely not a clingy person, I’m not shy about revealing most personal things and I can be a little selfish. So I’m not sure I believe all of this astrology stuff. I have found a lot of horoscopes accurate but that’s maybe because I was trying to think of how it could be relevant and not because it actually is. They are always a bit vague…

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