30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 18

Post 30 facts about yourself.

  1. My birthday is the 29th June 1992
  2. I’ve lived in York, England since I was about 10 years old
  3. If I had to describe myself in 3 words it would be: laid-back, independent and creative
  4. My favourite foods are olives, peanut butter, halloumi and dark chocolate… definitely not together though
  5. I’ve been a vegetarian my whole life and I’ve never tried meat
  6. I’m more of a night person than a morning person
  7. I can’t ride a bike
  8. I’m slightly terrified of pigeons
  9. I love cats AND dogs, I’m not really more one than the other type of person
  10. My favourite colour is green
  11. I really want to learn how to ski
  12. In my opinion, my best feature is my flat stomach, my worst is my hands…they’re just not nice looking
  13. I would rather have lots of naps in a day than one block of 8 hours sleep
  14. I prefer Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer, I really don’t like being too warm
  15. I’ve visited 10 different countries – hopefully more in the future
  16. My favourite flowers are orange roses
  17. I tend to become better friends with men than women, additional fact: my housemates are both men
  18. Despite not being that girly, I absolutely love Disney films
  19. I prefer baths to showers
  20. I drink around 6 or 7 cups of coffee a day
  21. I’ve currently drafted 6 chapters of the book I’m writing
  22. I get scared watching horror films BUT I love the adrenaline rush and will happily watch them on my own
  23. I jot all my plans down on my calendar, just in case I forget anything
  24. I only wash my hair once a week
  25. I really want to learn how to speak French
  26. I wear socks to bed, every night
  27. I’m really good at English geography, I reckon I can point out most places on a map
  28. My most used social network is probably Pinterest
  29. I believe that we shouldn’t take life too seriously and that you should have all the fun you can, while you can
  30. My favourite blog posts to read and write are in lists like this

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