30 Day Writing Challenge: Days 23 & 24

Write a letter to someone, anyone.

Dear ex-best friend,

Throughout the majority of our friendship, I wasn’t happy. It felt like you were the dominant friend and I was the lesser friend you dragged everywhere to put down so you could make you feel better. You called me several times a day to talk about yourself without listening to a word I said. When you got a new boyfriend, a month could go by and you would have completely ignored me. Then you would expect to see me every day when you broke up with him. If I hung out with other friends when you wanted to see me or I wasn’t available when you needed me, I had to prepare myself for your angry wrath and a bombardment of outraged calls. It was ridiculous, no one should be that controlling. I used to get so nervous about upsetting you but the moment I decided to end our friendship, I felt stronger as a person and my life is now much more carefree.

I guess I just want to say that I’m doing much better without you in my life and I hope you’ve changed so no one else has to deal with this.




Write about a lesson you’ve learned the hard way.

Following from the above challenge, this brings me to an important life lesson I’ve learned…

You should end toxic friendships, even if you have been friends most of your life.

I purposely put these challenges together, it took me around 7 years to get out of a friendship I wasn’t happy in. Honestly, it was harder than breaking up with a boyfriend but it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. If you have a friend that treats you badly, you should break free and end the friendship. There are better people you can form new friendships with.

You wouldn’t stay in a bad relationship so why would you keep bad friends in your life?

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