30 Day Writing Challenge: Day 26

Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve.

The older I get, the more content I feel about me and my life. Teenage me was a grumpy little rebel who hated everything other than heavy metal music, watching anime and playing Xbox games. I complained a lot and I had a serious problem with procrastinating. Nowadays, I’m a lot more confident, happier, nicer and a little more outgoing. I do get bad mood swings though and I can’t handle mornings without pouring gallons of coffee down my throat but I doubt those qualities will ever go away and I’m okay with that.

One thing that does still require a great deal of improvement that I could probably deal with is how I handle my money. Every month when pay day is due, I have nothing left from last month. I think I have 16p or something pathetic in my savings account. Right, this is partially due to paying off debts, but there’s still a lot of money being spent that is completely unnecessary. When I shockingly do have more money than I thought I had, I’ll have a think about what I could spend it on! It’s such a bad habit.

I think I need to make an actual budget plan and stick to it or this will just be one never ending cycle. Wish me luck.

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