A Little Bit Of Nostalgia 2009-2016

Nostalgia time! I wanted to a post that showed how things have changed in my life over the last 7 years. Unfortunately, before the age of 17, photos were rare due to confidence issues. Plus, I’m not sure I was aware of Facebook’s existence until 2009 so finding those pictures would be rummaging through my parents’ boxes of crap until I found something. 2009 onwards will do. Let’s judge my old cringey photos!



Ah, back in the days when I over-plucked my eyebrows and wore a hoody everyday. I was a happy carefree teenager skipping lessons at college and I wasn’t even bothered. I lead a very simple life of an Xbox and Nintendo gamer. Getting game “achievements” were more important than getting good grades! I dug a hole with my friends for no reason and that made me so happy. Those were the days.

2009 2009 2



Again, not too much different to 2009, except I left college in summer 2010 with fails in all subjects and I think I had some realisation that maybe I should do something with my life and that I cannot be a real life Pokemon trainer. Plus, notice how I used to drink Strongbow and WKD, bleurgh, now I’m a classy (well, sort of) £5 bottle of red kind of person. Aw, I miss my little “Lol-Toast” necklace…

2010 2010 32010 2 2010 4



The first year of my teenage life that I didn’t wear a hoody everyday! I started attending classes at Askham Bryan College (that I actually went to) to study Animal Management and worked a part time job at the world’s worst convenience shop. It may have been a bit crap but I can see I started to try do a bit more with my life, I even tried out modelling that year. That’s clearly air brushed to fuck but you know what I mean. I think I started to try be a more confident adult and do adult things.

2011 2011 32011 2 2011 4



My signature fringe cut started this year. I think I had it from March 2012 until November 2012. As you can see, I tried to grow it out by Christmas but it made a reappearance the following year! I quit my shop job at the end of 2011 and had a more fun life while studying this year.

2012 2012 2 2012 3 2012 4



I found out I failed my course at Askham Bryan in the summer of this year, probably because I again, lived a carefree life and didn’t work hard and uhh… became a slight alcoholic. I got a job at McDonald’s putting fries in the fryer and making burgers. Serves me right for not working hard enough I guess. I still had a lot of fun.

2013   2013 3 2013 2 2013 4



Suddenly, my hair was shorter this year. Anyway, I quit McDonald’s in January this year and got a receptionist job. By comparison to the previous year, my life was going great. So, this year was pretty good, I did a few mountain climbs after that, then two of my friends got engaged and I was a bridesmaid for them. I also started Jasmine Writes In Pixels and I went to New York for 10 days in the September. Not a bad year.

2014  2014 3 2014 2 2014 4



What a fun year this was! Trips to Belgium, London, Krakow, Paris, Amsterdam, Folkestone etc… I have so many pictures I could put here. I moved out of my parent’s house in the April, which I was nervous about at first but I quickly got settled into things. I got my nose pierced. I left my receptionist job in the September and hopped around jobs a bit and then settled into what I am currently doing now in the December.

2015 2 2015 5 2015 3 2015 4


2016 (Present Day!)

This is clearly the first year I’ve ever teeth-smiled for photos. Hey, that’s some self progress right there! I don’t feel like I’ve achieved too much this year, but then I haven’t been on like 5 holidays or done anything dramatic yet. I did get a tattoo, I’ve been to London for a weekend away, Folkestone for a weekend away, ran in a charity event for Cancer Research which raised nearly £300 and written around 1,000 words of my novel + a plan for loads more… Maybe life hasn’t been so bad this year.

2016 2016 2 2016 3 2016 4IMG_2789

What do you think? Have I changed much? I do miss carefree 2009 gamer Jaz but we all have to grow up someday… Lesson of the day kids, work hard in school or you’ll end up at Maccy D’s.

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