How Pokémon GO Has Slightly Taken Over My Life

As what I’ve heard is the current most used app, Pokémon GO seems to have had a big impact on the 90’s generation.32258202-2ca5-460e-af65-eb0650c5c905

I joined late to the bandwagon as I was skeptical at first. Being a huge fan of the traditional style Pokémon games on my 3DS, this just didn’t seem the same. Suddenly everyone was enjoying what I loved and after being asked throughout my life “when are you going to grow out of it?”, it did make me hesitant on whether I should join in.

However, on last sunny Monday afternoon, I gave in to my little strop and downloaded it and man am I addicted. Within 24 hours, I had reached level 9 and had walked over 10km.

From taking little detours to going out on late night walks just to catch Pokémon, I’m constantly going out of my way to earn more XP and stardust.

I’ve refused offers of lifts so I can walk to get more kilometres so my eggs will hatch quicker.

As an extra advantage, it’s doing wonders for my fitness! I’m more motivated to get my gym gear on and go out running.69a59077-ede6-4dbb-82fa-51d11a9f876d

At the end of the day, when I’m lying in bed, I go through my Pokémon collection, power up my favourites and evolve as much as I can.

My housemate John turned to me this morning and said “do you fancy a trip to the the outlet today?” to which my response was “will there be Pokémon there?”.

Conversations with other players always seem to start by chatting about our teams. I chose Mystic as we are seen to be the most logical thinkers and make decisions based on analysis. I like to think I’m pretty perceptive like that.

If they could just fix these regular app crashes and add a feature where you could trade and battle with your friends directly, that would be awesome.

Sadly, as I’ll never get to be my childhood’s dream job of a real life Pokémon trainer, this is the closest I’ll get to it.

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