The Struggles Of Being In Your Twenties

I don’t know about you but I spent a lot of my adolescence wanting to be older. Now I’m here, I’m not so sure it’s all I thought it was cracked up to be. The struggles of being this age I’ve found so far are…

  • Being too old to mess around all day on games with friends but usually too young to have your shit together
  • A lot of the people you know are getting married, getting mortgages and having babies and still being there feeling uncomfortable about that
  • The older generation questioning when you’re going to have babies
  • Having to explain to the older generation that we’re in the year 2016 and it is no longer a life expectation to have fucking kids
  • Worrying that you’re running out of time to sort your life out
  • (For women) Having a delayed period and irrationally freaking out that you could be pregnant
  • Not knowing what to do with the rest of your life
  • Spending most of your time worrying about money and the rest of it spending it on things to cheer yourself up from being so stressed from worrying
  • The week leading up to pay day and having to strategically plan out your food budget on £4.76
  • Living off “Morrison’s Savers” food
  • Having an existential crisis while lying on the floor and realising you’re an actual human being with a life and you can do anything and everything you’ve ever wanted (slightly stolen from danisnotonfire and your twenties is the time to do that and then being absolutely amazed yet terrified by that thought
  • Realising your whole life is actually pointless when you think about it
  • Knowing that one day you’re going to die and gradually getting closer and closer to it each day

In all seriousness, I am joking! I’M FINE, haha, It’s just something that has been on my mind a lot lately and I wanted to laugh about it to myself. We’ll all figure it out someday.

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  1. katiereablog

    I can completely relate to this post! I’m more or less half way through my twenties now and I’ve spent my teenage years wishing I was here and now I want my life to slow down! I know being in your twenties is still young but I can completely relate. I’ve had a stalk of your blog and I’ve followed you, I can’t wait to read more!


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