Why Being Single Is Actually Pretty Good

I’ve been single most of my adult life and I thought I’d give you some reasons as to why I’m in no rush to settle down. Sure, I’d like a boyfriend in the future, but right now I’m very content with my independence.

Naturally, I’m a bit of an introvert, so finding time to fit in a significant other into my schedule means I get a little less “me time”. I’m one of those people that loves to only have a small handful of close friends (which I’m so grateful that I have) but I prefer my own company for the majority of my free time. Considering my main hobbies are reading and writing, it’s no surprise that I like my peace and quiet.

I think it’s so important to spend a great deal of time alone in order to really get to know ourselves and no for sure that we’re not trying to like things to impress anyone like we might have done as a lovestruck teenager. I hate the phrase “other half”. We are not one half of a person that needs another to be complete, we are each unique individuals and two of those different individuals sometimes join together to create a relationship.

The additional benefits to being single are being able to sprawl out in your own bed, not having any relationship dramas and very little in terms of compromising on things from what’s for dinner all the way to long term travel plans.

I mentioned that I would like to be in a serious relationship in the future. To me, if this never ends up happening, I would genuinely be happy with a quiet life, published novels and a few cats. We all need our own dreams to follow and if we end up meeting someone amazing on that journey, well then, that’s completely perfect.

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