Rest In Peace, Uncle John.

13308526_258141051242432_6164817606454726328_oOn Monday 17th October 2016, my Uncle John collapsed after having a brain haemorrhage. He later died in hospital yesterday, Friday 21st October. It was such a shock and took me a couple of days to react to the news.

He got up and went to work like normal for a Monday morning, he was a teacher and everyone said it was a regular day. He didn’t seem ill. There was nothing particularly stressful about this day. None of us were expecting this.

I’m lucky enough that before he passed away, I had time to travel down to Chester hospital where he was attached to life support. I said my goodbyes and this is where it really hit me. Sometimes, you’re in denial when you receive bad news because it doesn’t seem real.

If this has taught me anything, it’s that life is so fragile and a normal morning can turn into a nightmare by the end of the day. Taking your life and affecting your loved ones lives. I’m trying to say this in a positive way, using it to motivate myself to get out and do more amazing things with my life.

After he quickly slipped away, his organs were taken as a donation and I’ve been informed that it has already saved the lives of three people. As upsetting as this week has been for my family, there’s that glimmer of happiness that it has done some good for other families.

Uncle John loved to recycle… actually, that’s an understatement. He was that person that collected everyone’s rubbish just so he could recycle it. We’ll now be laying him to rest in a woodland area, in a cardboard coffin. I can’t think of a better send off.

Rest in peace, John Donaldson.

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  1. Paul Waterhouse

    Hi Jasmine, so sorry for your loss and we both send our deepest condolences to you all. Very tragic to pass at such a young age, but what a wonderful gesture he made re organ donation, giving others the chance of a new life.
    Our best wishes.

    Paul & Angela. Xx


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