Past Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween season! I’m gutted that I don’t have plans this year, but it saves me spending out a fortune on clothes I can only wear once. I think I’ll be having a horror movie night, lots of classics, this year. Here’s my costumes from the last 4 years!

A Fairy (2012)




A pretty basic and easy costume to throw on. Just be careful not to snap your wing straps like I did when I was dunk.








Marceline Abadeer from Adventure Time with Frankenstein’s Monster Nails (2013)



I was watching Adventure Time non-stop around this time so it seemed appropriate to dress as my favourite character, the vampire queen!

I moulded fangs to my teeth and covered myself in grey body paint to get that dead complexion.


Nails were pretty simple – grey base coat and use sellotape as a stencil for the top colours and then use a black nail art pen to add the stitch detailing.





A Cracked China Doll (2014)



This was definitely the costume with the most effort. The dress, hat and mask all came as a set so that was the easy part. I added white tights and plain black shoes to go with it and attempted to mimic the mask with make up on the other half of my face. Complete with a knotty wig and white nail varnish to give yourself that decrepit doll look. I certainly freaked myself out when I caught myself in the mirror. I also made some kids scream.


A Skeleton (2015)

img_1890 img_1891

Last year, I rocked a skull hand swing dress from ASOS and skull make-up. It’s easy to do, all you need is white and black face paint. Cover the areas you are using as the skeleton with white base paint and then paint on details with black face paint when that’s all dry, including hollowing out your eyes and drawing on teeth. My housemate at the time had such a fright when she walked passed my room as I looked like this.


Have you got any plans? Are you dressing up as anything? Leave me a comment. I have no idea what I would go as this year if I had party plans.

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