Why Trump Is An Asswipe Monster

With the US presidential election coming up tomorrow, it seemed fitting to blog about this tonight. I am British so I guess that it doesn’t directly affect me much. However, the UK and the US have always had a alliance and friendship so it makes sense that we get involved with each other’s politics.


I don’t usually form strong political opinions but I just keep thinking that Trump being elected for president must be some kind of funny joke and that none of it is real. I’ve been waiting for someone to say it was all a silly shenanigan to make the world laugh and we’re  actually keeping Obama. Now I’m starting to get the realisation that this isn’t funny at all.

US election 2016: Barack Obama warns ‘the fate of the world’ at risk if Donald Trump elected president – The Telegraph

I cannot believe his incredibly low value for morals. He’s claimed that he can touch women without their consent because he has money and power. If this man was America’s ruler, he’d send the country backwards several decades! He’s a racist, homophobic, ugly pervert.

Donald Trump ‘was like an octopus’ – several women come forward to claim he touched them inappropriately – The Telegraph

On top of that, he’s had issues with bankruptcy and made horrible decisions in regards to money. I mean, that just speaks for itself…

He’s a greedy bastard. Bulldozing land that is needed by others to build golf courses and casinos for himself. What the fuck?

Trump has childlike tantrums when things don’t go his way. He is not intelligent and is completely impulsive. Not great presidential material at all.

Donald Trump says he will accept US election result ‘if I win’ – The Guardian

Damn it, Donald. What is this world coming to? Vote Clinton.

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