So Now That I’ve Played 50+ Hours of Pokémon Sun & Moon…

incineroarIt all began with queuing in GAME at 11:30pm at the midnight launch. Us Pokémon geeks were packed in like Wishiwashi forming a school while we waited for our copy of the game. Probably one of the few times I can cope with crowds! Me & my best friend, Smithy, literally sprinted home through town because we were so excited to get started. Not much sleep was had that night.wishiwashi_schoolform

The storyline is just brilliant. Alola is a gorgeous set of Hawaiian-style islands which is making me want to go over to real Hawaii soooo freaking much. Sun & Moon have action, brave rescues, strong protagonists, family drama and a young shirtless Professor Kukui. In case you haven’t finished the story yet or if you’re anxiously waiting for it on Christmas Day, I won’t spoil anything.


Trials have now replaced gyms which I wasn’t keen on initially but I’m really impressed by how the creators have given this a different feel, whilst also retaining some original content for long term Pokémon fans who have been there for over 20 years. Goddamn, 20 years since Red & Blue? Us 90s kids are getting old. Anyway, each trial has a bit more to it than simply battling the gym leader. The trial captains give you tasks that build up to a battle against a Totem Pokémon, which are giants! In my opinion, it is a bit more interesting than a simple gym battle.

Do you know what I also love about this game? Such detailed trainer avatar customisation. I mean, it’s no The Sims but that’s not what we’re after here…

me-and-pokemon avatar








Another thing I’m liking more than previous Pokémon games are the nefarious Team Skull. I think they have much more personality than Team Aqua or Team Rocket and are more modern day misunderstood thugs than true villains. It’s just an interesting concept that makes the game feel more relatable and the music that plays when they make an entrance is fantastic! I play it on YouTube all the time.

toxapexThe only downside I can even think of is that Pokémon battling in the game does seem a little slower paced than previously and in double battles it can lag a little but I can most definitely deal with that.mimikyuI have to say again, I’m just loving this whole tropical island feel. I’ve always been more of a snow, mountains and cosy indoor fires kind of person but I seriously want a hot beach holiday now. As if sitting on the sofa playing on my 3DS has that effect on me?


Lastly, should I cosplay as Plumeria if I make it to the next London Comic Con??! I would love to look as badass as her. Maybe I just need long coloured hair and a stomach tattoo.


(Images taken from – really useful website!)

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