Are You Fearing Your Smear? I’ll Be Your Guide


It was January this year when I received my letter, the one that tells you it’s time for the smear. From 24.5 years of age, us ladies are advised to go to the GP and have a few cervical cells scraped out of us for abnormality checking. Sounds like scary stuff and something you might want to ignore. I assumed I was okay, I had no problems with my lady area but I booked my appointment straight away.

I’m no doctor so if you want real medical details, go on the NHS website. I’m just here to tell you how things feel or if you want to read up on something more personal.

Apologies if this is a little TMI but I’m assuming if you’re reading this, you were expecting I’d give details. During the appointment, I was given privacy as I stripped my lower half (tip: wearing a dress makes you feel a little more covered than just a regular length top). I was asked to lie on my back with my knees up high and feet together, exposing all. That may seem a little embarrassing but they’ve seen this many times! A speculum was inserted inside me which feels a little odd and rather cold but I just tried to think of something else. Thinking about treating myself after as a reward. Cells were then collected while I lay there. It feels like a little scratching in the lower abdomen which isn’t pleasant but it’s not painful. I felt a little weird the rest of the day but I could do everything as normal.

A couple of weeks later, I received a letter. I was told I had an abnormal result. My instant reaction was like “oh shit” and then dropped the letter, continuing my day. Then I cried. Then I rang my boyfriend for support. Then I did the sensible thing and I rang the colposcopy clinic as it had stated I do on the letter.

I was pretty scared. Jumping to conclusions like assuming I must have Cancer and I’m going to die young. I really shouldn’t have freaked out so much! These smears give 2 results only; normal and abnormal. Abnormal could mean anything.

I went to the colposcopy clinic at the hospital, shaking a lot. What they did was more painful than a smear, I’ll warn you. Don’t worry! Just maybe stock up on painkillers and cake if you need one of these appointments. My legs were placed in stirrups while I wore a very flattering hospital gown. They inserted a camera inside of me and did a very thorough inspection. They snipped bits away and it took slightly longer than the smear.

“If you look to your right, you’ll see the inside of your cervix on the screen.”

“No thanks!” I squealed.

Walking out of the appointment was a struggle, I basically fell into my boyfriend’s car, ha. I rested and ate delicious things later that day and by the following morning, I felt recovered.

A couple of days ago, I received news that I was clear. Halle freakin’ lujah. The thing is, cervical issues are so common that it’s important we get ourselves checked out on request. Imagine if my minor abnormality had developed into something serious. All it takes is a quick trip the GP and at least you can be at ease that everything is healthy.

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