Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Review

bpal1 aka BPAL is a California based alchemy style perfume creator and oh my, they do conjure up some alluring little potions. Me and the boyfriend (actually co written with James Stephenson) treated ourselves to a few and once we received our order, we must have spent at least an hour rubbing the oils all over our bodies, just taking in the smells. BPAL send tester samples (Imp ears) too so you’re in for a real treat when you receive an order.

bpal3 The way I see it, regular perfumes are nice and allIMG_0546 but it usually has that chemically, alcoholic undertone to it. There’s none of that here!

Our personal favourites include, with our own take on what we envisage when we smell each bottle;


  • Hellfire, sweetly spiced vanilla over a dusky tinder pyre.
  • Voodoo, walking into an apothecary owned by Satan himself.
  • Vicomte de Valmont, James Bond fresh out of the shower, putting on some gentleman’s cologne stepping into his Aston Martin.
  • Satyr, a strong nag champa like thick syrup, with the aroma of a new age emporium
  • Djinn, if spicy root ginger and vanilla zest were cooked together in a melting pot the result would be Djinn. Super spiced ginger syrup!
  • Iago, a nautical scent with an essence of mossy forest where a pirate ship has anchored.
  • Cathedral, burning incense in a large open spaced cathedral, lit by a lonely, ethereal monk.
  • Villain, earthy lavender terrain.
  • Fighter, a tenacious warrior wearing steel and leather marching into battle.
  • The Antikythera Mechanism, a steampunk mixed fragrance of musk, wood and chocolate.
  • Old Goblin, strong earthy roots of a grand old oak tree in an enchanted forest.


  • Snake Oil, an alluring woman with an essence of lust that caresses across her naked thigh. Her serpent companion gives a seductive lap dance.
  • Hideous Heart, an interlude in a setting of classic horror, where a witch bakes a cherry pie spiced with cinnamon.
  • Vixen, spring orange blossom blooming below a thundering orange sunset.
  • Love Me, a sexy love potion that Lush would be jealous of.
  • Queen Gertrude, a majestic queen reading Shakespeare in her castle enveloped by violets and apples.
  • Ravenous, a pungent bouquet of the world’s finest smelling flowers.
  • The Sea Foams Milk, an aquatic fragrance of salty sea air from the coast.
  • Follow Me Boy, a hustler and witch who has set spells on men to lure them into sexual frenzy before slaying them.
  • Poisoned Apple, a sour yet sweet conjured apple.
  • Ochosi, a citrus spiced, medicinal toadstool from an enigmatic woodland, handpicked by an alchemist.

That marks the end of our exploration so far into these beautiful little vials. I really we hope we can place another order soon! …again, here’s the link which I’m tempted to click back onto again and pick what to order next 🙂

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